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EMV Card Central Personalization Solution

For centralized EMV card personalization CubeIQ provides EMVPro™ one of the most  compressive EMV Card Personalization Production software in the market today.
EMVPro™ is a  complete smart card personalization suite with initial focus on the central  EMV card issuance market, supporting contact and contactless MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Dinners Club, and China Union Pay with extensions to instant - in  branch - EMV card issuance.

EMVPro™ has been design and  developed by a group of software professionals, EMV technology and business  experts consolidating many year of experience in the EMV market.

EMVPro™ is a composite and fully modular solution. It is designed to meet the requirements of issuers both in  terms of flexibility and mass volume and should be seen as a key product to meet  mass volume chip issuance requirements.

EMVPro™ can be run as standalone system or as an add-on to financial institution's smart card management system  (SCMS).

EMVPro™  consists of  three  main module: Key management (KM), Data Preparation (DP), and Card Production  (CP) which are augmented by a number of utility and add-on modules.

Latest  Personalization Production Software in the Market
A consolidation of many years of  experience, EMVPro™ is a complete smart card personalization suite. Initial focus is in EMV banking market (also supporting MasterCard PayPass and  Visa payWave) with an extension into branch level instant issuance.

Unique Market  Position
The only complete EMV personalization  solution in the world that is not associated with any personalization  equipment vendor or a smart card manufacturer. This allows us to be non bias and provide the best solution and maximum flexibilities to the end  user.
Strong  Industrial Skill with Experienced Personnel
Compatible with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX,  Discover, JCB and CUP security requirements. Open & Innovative Platform. Supports third party proprietary application development. Also supports third  party development of EMV card types. Fully documented solution.
We are confident in our ability to deliver and support superior solutions that will best meet an institution's requirements. Furthermore, we believe that we have distinct advantages over alternative solutions for the following reasons:

Our strong experience in EMV migration  solutions worldwide.

Our strong working relationship with  Visa, MasterCard and other banking associations, has allowed to develop a strong sense of partnership, being consulted regarding new card-related technical specifications, especially on advanced technologies (contact-less payment,  security attacks, etc.).

Our flexibility to adapt our solution  to customer requirements.
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