Card Instant Issuance

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Card Instant Issuance Application
Card Instant Issuance Application - CIIA™ is a suite of software applications developed by CubeIQ Limited for the instant issuance and personalization of EMV, debit, credit, ATM, cash, contact, contactless, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB and proprietary cards in remote locations such as bank branches and retailers outlets.

What is instant issuance?
Instant issuance is a process where financial – bank cards, credit, debit, prepaid or cash cards, carrying Visa® / MasterCard® / AMEX® / JCB® or Proprietary logo is issued and personalized on demand and delivered to the customer in the branch bank or at other remote locations such as a retailer outlet.
Visa® / MasterCard® / AMEX® / JCB® All of the Visa / MasterCard-required security features for encoding (EMV chip and magnetic stripe), embossing, indent printing and thermal retransfer printing are incorporated on the card.
Custom graphics or a photo may also be printed in such a way to produce a unique "personalized" card product that dramatically exceeds customer expectations.
PIN generation (initial PIN generation) or PIN selection (PIN change) are options that can be incorporated into the card instant issuance procedure.

Card Instant Issuance System
Card Instant Issuance System - CIIS™ is a complete system for the instant personalization of debit, credit, ATM, cash, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB and proprietary cards in remote locations such as bank branches and retailers outlets. It is comprised of a software platform, the Card Instant Issuance Application - CIIA™, card personalization machines, PIN-Pads, communication infrastructure and HSM devices.
How it works?
Card Instant Issuance System – CIIS™ accepts the card issuance requests, authorizes or declines the requests through issuer’s card management system, generated EMV data (EMV data preparation) and drives the personalization machine to encode the chip, encode the magnetic stripe and to graphically personalize the card. Optionally, CIIS™ can generate a new PIN or allow the cardholder to select its own PIN. Card personalization is monitored thoroughly through extensive logging, on-line trace and audit facilities which improving security.
CIIS™ is designed to provide significant value to Banks and Financial Institutions:
On-demand personalized card issuance.
Easy integration with core banking and card management systems.
Significant cost savings over centralized operation.
Instant delivery of cards to customer at branch level.
PIN generation and selection at branch level.
Enhanced flexibility towards changes.
Four different system versions to cover all possible operation modes.
Credit, Debit, ATM, Cash and Proprietary cards support.
EMV card issuance at branch level.
Combined Functionality
Instant issuance of Bank cards functionality can be combined with instant issuance of loyalty schemes cards or identification cards. Instant issuance of co-branded cards is also supported. An example includes a co-branded, retailer-issued debit or credit card, with retailer related graphics, customer selected PIN ready to be used in ATMs and PIN based purchase transactions.
Card Instant Issuance Application – CIIA™ supports on the same software platform instant issuance of financial, identification, loyalty and health care cards.

CubeIQ, a pioneer software application editor is the creator of CIIA™ the Card Instant Issuance Application. CIIA™ is the latest, most complete and secure card instant issuance and personalization solution, ideal for remote site plastic card issuance for Banks, Financial institutions, service providers, retailers and other organizations is setting a new standard in card issuance software functionality, quality, upgradeability and future proof flexibility.

CubeIQ Offering
CubeIQ offering consist of CIIA™ software application, hardware - card personalization machines, PIN-Pads, communication equipment, HSMs, custom software application development , a full range of professional services (installation, configuration, project management, training …) and consulting in terms of procedures and know-how transfer that enables card issuing financial institution, to successfully deploy an instant issuance program.
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