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TLS/SSL Gateway

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TLS/SSL Gateway

TLS/SSL Gateway Server is a secure transaction gateway that allows the user to accept TLS/SSL encrypted transactions via the public Internet or private networks.
It allows the capability to take advantage of the efficiency & cost-saving benefits of TCP/IP protocol and Internet communication to send transactions to a Host.
With our TLS/SSL Acceleration technology, we are able to process up to 80 TLS/SSL transactions per second using full 128/256-bit SSL encryption and optional authentication.
For enhanced security, SSL Gateway Server offers optional Digital Certificates.

Scalable - 20/40/80 Transactions per second or greater
Full 128/256-bit SSL encryption
Optional user authentication
Optional Digital Certificates for enhanced security
Dial modem emulation to support modem pool emulation
Supports SSL v.3 and TLS v 1.2 protocols

Secure – encrypted data communication links between the central site and the branches is a security mandate of VISA™ and MasterCard™ for EMV card instant issuance at branch level.
Therefore by using
SSL/TSL technology for securing communication links is compliant with payment networks security rules.

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