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PINSelect™ is a complete PIN change solution which comprises of programmable, EMV compliant, PIN-Pads, their software application and server software, titled PINSelect/Server™ that interfaces to various bank’s legacy, card management and authorization systems.

PINSelect™ can operate as part of an in-branch card instant issuance solution and is offered as an optional module of CubeIQ’s Card Instant Issuance Application – CiiA™ or as a separate stand-alone system for in-branch PIN change. PINSelect™ operates autonomously in the branch and does not require a PC to change or activate magnetic stripe or EMV card PIN.

PINSelect™ is a complete, cost effective and high secure solution that seamlessly integrates into the bank’s operating environment. It is a user friendly, fast and convenient self-service in-branch PIN change solution that dramatically improves customer service within the branch. Moreover, the issuers do not bear the cost and risk associated with mailing PINs to their customers.

PIN-Pads supported:

PIN4SMS™ is an innovation on issuance and distribution of Bank cards’ PINs.
PIN is generated as usual, from the PIN Management System or the Card Management System but instead to be printer to PIN Mailers is send secured – encrypted with SMS technology to the private phone number of the cardholder. Cardholder’s phone device is loaded with an application which decrypts and presents to cardholder the PIN for 30 seconds and then deletes the SMS message that transported the PIN.
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