Certified Perso Machines - Card Instant Issuance

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Certified Perso Machines


EMVPro™ has been tesed to drive a number of central card embossing machines.

End users can select their central mid or high volume card personalization machine from the following lists.

MF GROUP S.p.A, CIM Division
XE Series
PRO Series
  • MAXIMA 821, 821T
  • MAXIMA 861

HID Global Corporation - FARGO™
HDP Series
  • HDP5000
  • HDP6600
  • HDP8500
Fading Models
  • HDP5600
  • HDP8500LE
Matica System S.p.a.
Industrial Printers Series
  • S5200 Series
Mid Volume Series
  • S6200 Series
High Volume Series
  • S7000
Ruhlamat GmbH
Centralised Card Personalisation
  • Pearl ID Series

Entrust Datacard Corporation
MX9100 Series
MX8100 Series
MX6100 Series
MX2100 Series
MX1100 Series
NBS Technologies Inc.
Horizon Series
Horizon Evolution HD Series
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