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CIIA™ Stand Alone

CIIA™ Stand Alone Branch™ - executable

CIIA™ Stand Alone Branch DBA™ - local database application
CIIA™ Stand Alone Branch Perso Driver™ - module

CIIA™ Stand Alone Concentrator™ - executable

CIIA™ Stand Alone Concentrator DBA™ - central database application
CIIA™ Stand Alone Concentrator Host Interface™ - module

CIIA™ Branch Server & Branch Network Server

CIIA™ Banch Server™ - executable

CIIA™ Branch Server Perso Driver™ - module

CIIA™ Banch Network Server™ - executable

CIIA™ Branch Network Server Perso Driver™ - module

CIIA™ Central Server

CIIA™ Central Server - executable service

CIIA™ Central Printer Threads Pool - executable service
CIIA™ Central Printer Driver - executable device driver

CIIA™ Central Monitor - web application

CIIA™ Client/Server

Central Site


CIIA/Server™ - executable

CIIA/Server/Switch™ - module
CIIA/Server/Interface™ - module
CIIA/Server/MUS™ - module
CIIA/DBA™ - database application

CIIA/CIMS™ - database application
CIIA/DP/CP/KM/Server™  - executable
CIIA/HSM/Server™ - module
CIIA/PINSelect/Server™  - executable
CIIA/ISO/Server™  - executable
CIIA/XMLHost™ - module
CIIA/FileServer™ - module
CIIA/INV/Server™  - executable
CIIA/Web/Server™  - executable
EmbosserTransfer™ - database application
SSLGateway™  - executable


CIIA/Admin/Client™  - executable
CIIA/Monitor/Client™  - executable

CIIA/CIMS/Admin/Client™  - executable
CIIA/INV/Admin/Client™  - executable

Branch/Remote Site

CIIA/Client™  - executable

CIIA/Client/UI™  - module

CIIA/Client/WebUI™ - module New

CIIA/Client/MUS™ - module
CIIA/Client/PINSelect™  - module
CIIA/Client/INV™  - module
CIIA/Client/Perso Driver™ - module

CIIA/CP/Client™  - executable

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