Modules - Card Instant Issuance

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Main Personalization Modules

Key management (KM)
Interfaces to a PCI cryptographic card (HSM). Allows external systems to achieve cryptographic operations related to the smart card personalization process. Security level guarantees that neither keys nor confidential data are in clear outside hardware-protected tokens thus preserving cardholder data secrecy and information integrity during the complete issuance process.

Data Preparation (DP)
Generates all the necessary data according to the profile configured during the implementation. Manages the preparation of data specifically requested during the chip personalization phase.

Card Production (CP)
Personalization software connecting to card personalization equipment (ie Embosser). Directly communicate with the personalization equipment and with the Key Management to provide online cryptographic operation during the personalization phase.

Main Utility Modules

Embosser Transfer  (ET)
It is  a data management software  application implemented for transforming and transferring Data such as “Emboss  File” data or “EMV Data Preparation” (data from another data source) to the  required format in order to be used by card personalization software  applications such as EMVPro™ to successfully personalize magnetic, EMV  & hybrid cards on card personalization machines.

Electronic Inventory  (EI)
Electronic  Inventory Module is one of EMVPro™ optional modules. The Electronic Inventory  Module is an advance module, used to monitor and control in real time the stock  of plastic cards and consumables in various locations of the card production  network such as:  Central Warehouse, Central card department, Card  personalization department (perso bureau) and for instant issuance and remote  issuance implementations in Card regional office, Bank branch and Bank officer  in the branch.

Optional Modules

Personalization Verification Tool  (PVT)
As an optional add-­on, Personalization Verification Tool (PVT) is a user friendly, easy to use PC–based tool for verifying, inspecting and automatically validating EMV card personalization data. Unique in the industry, when a user is using EMVPro™ system for EMV personalization, PVT can access the issuer’s live keys to perform validation of card personalization data. This can be achieved without an extra HSM or key exchange. PVT helps an organization  to eliminate costs and other impacts of issuing.

Pin Management  (PM)
PIN Management (PM), is an autonomous software application which fulfil the PIN Management and cryptographic needs of an EMV card issuer. PIN Management application handles some or all of the PIN Management and magnetic stripe cryptographic processes during the EMV Data Preparation (DP) process.
These processes include: (a) PIN Generation (PIN Block) with Derived PIN or Random PIN algorithms, (b) Pin Offset Generation, (c) PVV, CVV1 and CVV2, CVC1 and CVC2 Generation and (d) PIN Mailer Printing.

Hardware Security Modules - HSMs

EMVPro™ supports all popular brands of HSMs: Gemalto
/SafeNet™, Thales™ and others.

EMVPro™ is compatible with  Thales™ P3™.
If an institution has already purchased P3™, EMVPro™ can operate together with P3™ using its output files to personalize EMV cards.

We understand that some customer requirements are unique and must  be addressed through customization.
We are able to leverage on our vast  experience and flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of an institution.  
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