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Card Instant Issuance Application™ - CIIA™ is a comprehensive solution for the  automation of plastic card issuance and personalization in remote locations such as bank branches and retailers outlets. The solution personaizes EMV, debit, credit, ATM, cash, contact, contactless, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB and proprietary cards.
The solution  covers the completecard issuing procedure, starting from the application for a new card, application authorization, PIN generation up to the actual physical personalization of the card. Solution is  augmented with a number of tools that secure personalization processes and provide to the bank’s officers detail information on personalization process, statistics, extensive MIS reporting.
Banks, financial institutions and credit card companies enjoy the follwoing features of card instant issuance application:
EMV card technology support.
Integrated system for card issuing and customer service at a branch - outlet level.
Instant issuance and delivery of the card.
PIN selection as an option.
Personalization of different card types simultaneously (from vendor A, from vendor B ... ).
Personalization of different cards applications simultaneously (VSDC, M/Chip ... ).
Support of a different data structure, parameters and data elements for the same card type (VSDC A & B).
Automated detection of card type to be personalized
Issuance of Debit cards, ATM, and Cash cards (VISA Electron, VISA Plus, Maestro, edc/Maestro ...) .
Issuance of Credit cards (classic, gold, platinum ... ).
Multi-language and multi-currency support.
Capability of connecting to each debit card number up to twelve (12) different account numbers.
Multiple reasons for card production support such as “lost”, “stolen”, “destroyed”, “expired” etc.
Automated reteival of card, account(s) and customer data from the core banking system or the card management system.
Automated update of the core banking system and / or the card management systems with the newly issued card’s data.
Application usage access control with:
User authentication with user name and password and one time password - OTP capability as option.
Configurable PCI based passward change rules.
User role definition.
Different levels of user rights.
High security mechanism on card personalization procedure.
Cards' plastic electronic inventory control in three levels:
Branch officer.
Branch manager.
Central card department.
Operation log, error log, trace and audit trail files.
Extensive reporting in three levels branch, reqional center and central card department.
Configurable card issuance and personalization workflow rules.
Customization capability if it is required.
Developed with hands on experience and close relationship with major Card Associations.
Developed with ease of customization, implementation, support, flexibility and market diversity in mind.
Constant upgrade policy.
Different operation versions available covering various operating needs.

Card Instant Issuance Application - CIIA™ is provided in the follwoing versions:
  • CIIA™ Stand Alone
  • CIIA™ Branch Server & Branch Network Server
  • CIIA™ Client/Server
  • CIIA™ Central Server
  • CIIA™ Fleet
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