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EMV Consulting

EMV is the standard devised by Europay, MasterCard and Visa for smartcard-based credit and debit cards, to replace existing magnetic stripe cards. The EMV standards were drafted with the aim of ensuring global interoperability of smart chip based credit/debit cards and their terminals/readers. One of the prime drivers for the migration to EMV payment cards in the many parts of the world is the reduction of card fraud.
Today, EMV Specifications based on Contact chip, Contactless chip, Mobile, Payment Tokenization, QR Codes, Secure Remote Commerce, 3-D Secure, common payment application (CPA) and card personalization are available at EMVCo web site.
EMV migration is effectively mandatory. A key component of the EMV chip migration plan is the shift of liability for fraudulent transactions.
All major markets having already deployed EMV are predominately utilizing chip and PIN as the authentication method, as this has proven to be the most secure. With the dynamic authentication feature (DDA), the “chip” in the card is the authentication component of the card, and the PIN is the authenticator of the cardholder. Some of the data on the chip changes with each transaction, allowing the issuer to confirm that the card is authentic.
As an institution plans the implementation of an EMV card personalization system, we in CubeIQ and our partners are in a unique position to assist in this transition due to our substantial experience, and knowledge within the industry.

As experienced chip migration professionals, we are very familiar with the chip migration marketplace, as well as all issues that must be addressed to evaluate and manage chip migration plans effectively.

Our consultants have previously served multiple institutions on EMV chip card migration projects. Altogether our consulting team composition boasts over 100 man-years in cumulative EMV and chip card experience. We have served over 50 financial institutions in EMV chip card migration in six continents. However, as no two clients are alike and we are committed to providing services that are tailored to the unique needs of any institution.

CubeIQ offers EMV Migration Strategies and Solutions in terms of:
EMV Consulting
Systems Implementation
Professional Services in terms of Project Management and Training
Beyond consulting, we can provide significant value to an institution's future requirements.
Our compliment of innovative technology provides a host of optional solutions for consideration: smart card management, personalization data preparation and contactless payment.
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