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EmbosserTransfer™ is a software application has been designed with a specific architecture for the provision of card personalization management services.

The application is a “bridge” software implemented for transforming and transferring Data such as “Emboss File” data or “EMV Data Preparation” (data from another data source) to the required format in order to be used by card personalization software applications such as CIIA™ to successfully personalize magnetic, EMV & hybrid cards on card personalization machines.

Embosser Transfer™ supports a number of different data import formats such as ASCII, Binary, CSV, MDB, MS SQL Server databases, ODBC or OLE DB data sources, Thales P3 and proprietary formats as long as the file/record/data source specifications are given. EmbosserTransfer™ transforms external data to internal data, stores them on a Microsoft™ RDBMS and validates each and every data field of each and every incoming card data record. Some fields can be validated on type and content and some fields on type only.

As CIIA™ is capable of personalizing different card types. EmbosserTransfer™ supports on the same flow different input files with different data elements per file type (according to customers’ specifications), for each card type.  
In case of EMV data prepared by another system; EmbosserTransfer™ validates EMV tag, tag structure and where feasible tag content. Validation is performed per EMV card BIN (card type and EMV profile).

EmbosserTransfer™ enhances security by introducing access control with “user authentication” by user name and passwords, as well as different levels of user rights and privileges (users’ roles). Furthermore contains “Operation logs”, “Error log” and “Audit Trail logs” stored in tables in a Microsoft RDBMS or in Microsoft Event Viewer or  in the customer enterprise log facility.

RDBMS supported:
Microsoft SQL Server.
Microsoft™ SQL Express.
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