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eInventory™ for Instant Issuance
eInventory™ - Electronic Inventory is plastic card stock control system the usage of which gives the ability to monitor and control in real time the Bank’s card stock.
eInventory™ monitors and controls also the cards tranfers between the various entities that participate in the instant issuance process such as central warehouse, card department, branch and branch officer.

eInventory™ provides detailed and multi-level information on:
Total cards.
Total cards in stock.
Printed cards.
Printed cards delivered.
Printed card not delivered (customer refusal).

Printed card with error (print error, machine error, inspection error) not delivered.

Stock buffer (central, regional, branch, officer).

In case cards transfer control is activated then the following information is also available:

Cards in transfer to branches – branch manager.
Cards in transfer to officers.
Cards in transfer to central – card manager.
Incoming card transfers (central & branch).
Outgoing card transfers (central & branch).

All the above information is available in multiple levels which are:
Card department
Card regional office
Bank branch
Bank officer in the branch

eInventory™ can manage one card type or one BIN or multiple card types in terms of:
Brand: payment network (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX …) or multiple proprietary
Product: credit, debit, cash, cobranded, affinity …
Product categories and subcategories
Technology: Mag stripe, EMV, hybrid, contactless
Card vendor: Gemalto, Oberthur, FutureCard …
BINs and sub-BINs

eInventory™  User Interface Screen Shots

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