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Cooperation opportunities
Within the context of card and EMV card personalization solutions we provide Magnetic Stripe & EMV Card Central Issuance, Magnetic Stripe & EMV Card Instant Issuance, PIN creation, PIN selection at the bank branch, Key Management, EMV Data Preparation, SSL Gateways, Card Electronic Inventory and Production Flow, Card Production Stream Management, PKI Infrastructure, Document e-Signing and more.

Our solutions can be fully customized to meet specific client or operation or infrastructure needs and in order to be integrated in existing data flows and systems.    
We are looking for strong and reliable business partners in different levels such as system integrators, value added resellers, distributors and agents with proven experience mainly in banking, financial and retail but also on other industries.

If you are pursuing a project or if you would like to cooperate with us in a more permanent fashion, please fill out the following comunication form, include details on your request and we will reply shortly to discuss our further cooperation.

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