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CIIA Stand Alone™

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CIIA™ Stand Alone Version

CIIA™ Stand Alone has been designed in order to be used in banks and  financial institutions  that do not operate a card management system in-house but outsource CaMS functionality to an independent service provider – ISP and the CaMS can not be accessed on-line.
CIIA™ in Stand Alone configuration operates independently in each remote site. It is installed in the branches and acts as full local, in branch, system.  
Receives and uses card data files  (data are stored in a local secure database)  to personalize cards and at the end-of-day creates and uploads to Card Management System - CaMS a file with the personalized card data.
New cards are active after successful CaMS update.

The application consists of two executable programs:  
  • CIIA/Stand Alone™: This program runs at each bank branch and is responsible for the actual card production and the creation of the file with the card details.
  • CIIA/Card Concentrator™: This program runs at a central location (EDP Dept.) and merges the files that are produced from each CIIA/Stand Alone™ program to one file in order this file to be transferred to the service provider.

CIIA™ Stand Alone is suitable fo organizations that do not operate a card management system in-house but outsource CaMS functionality and the CaMS cannot be accessed on-line.


CIIA™ Stand Alone Version operates in two modes: (a) with pre-personalized cards (TRACK-II and/or TRACK-I and card number printed) and (b) with blank cards.

Switch between the two operation modes is realized through application's parameters.

A number of security features are applicable only by using pre-personalized cards.
Magnetic stripe blank cards.
Magnetic stripe pre-personalized cards.
EMV pre-personalized cards.

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