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CIIA Server & Network Server™

ii Versions
CIIA™ Server & Network Server Version also titled embossMe™

CIIA™ Server & Network Server has been designed in order to be used  in banks and financial institutions for interfacing to third party Card Management Systems, Workflow or Business Process Management Systems that have been implemented for managing the issuance of consumer loans, private loans and plastic cards at remote sites such as a bank branch (local issuance) or a retailer's outlet.

For plastic cards issuance, an application at the branch level is used for transfering  customer’s data on-line to the Card Management System for card personalization at the central site. In this operational environment the Card Management System is configured to print – send the card data (TRACK I&II) to a remote virtual printer, that in fact is a personal computer in which CIIA™ Server runs and a personalization machine is connected.

CIIA™ Server & Network Server detects the file that contains the card data and drives the connected personalization machine to personalize the card.
Follwoing card personalization, the cards and the pre-printed PIN Mailer are delivered instantly to the customers.

CIIA™ Server is installed in the branches. Acts as a print server. Services one (CIIA™ Server) or multiple (CIIA™ Network Server) branch officers. Receives card personalization requests from financial institution's Card Management System - CaMS and personalizes the cards in the connected personalization machine.

Suitable fo organizations that operate their own intrernal CaMS and they have already an software application or an interface for initiating application of new cards and they are looking for an easy way to peronalize cards in the branch.

CIIA™ Server release is commercialized also under the name embossMe™.


  • Several sub-versions with minor differences have been developed for different customers such as
    • (a) Multiple card data records per card file,
    • (b) Multiple card types records per card file,
    • (c) Variable card data fields per card file and others.
  • While CIIA™ Server Version is a First In - First Process queue mechanism, CIIA™ Network Server Version process any card that is inserted to the card printer regardless of the time (order) the card application was initiated. Therefore, with CIIA™ Network Server Version many bank branch officers can use the system simultaneusly, while with CIIA™ Server Version only one bank branch officer can use the system at any given time.
  • CIIA™ Network Server Version uses only pre-personalized cards. In this case the Card Management System does not send a card data file to the PC running the application but updates a database schema on a central location. CIIA™ Network Server reads the pre-personalized card gets from Track-II the card number and uses this value to access the central database in order to get (fetch) the rest of the card data.

Magnetic stripe blank cards.
Magnetic stripe pre-personalized cards.
EMV pre-personalized cards.

embossMe™ is available several sub-versions:
embossMe™ Sub-Versions.

Operational Configurations
embossMe™ (CIIA™ Branch Server ).
embossMe™ Network (CIIA™ Branch Network Server).

embossMe™ User Interface Screen Shots
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