CIIA iiKiosk™ - Card Instant Issuance

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CIIA iiKiosk™

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CIIA iiKiosk™

iiKiosk™ is card instant issuance on Kiosk implementation answering to the increasing demand for self-service plastic card instant issuance.

Immediate Service
With iiKiosk™ Banks and card issuers can instantly issue cards from serf-service terminals and therefore improve the quality of service offered to their customers but also decrease cost.
Bank’s customers’ can issue their cards instantly, without having to stand in a long queue at a booth or waiting for postal deliveries. Bank cards are pre-personalized and issued to cardholders 24/7 from self-service terminals that are installed, except bank branches, in various environments such as shopping centres, office building, airports, university campus etc. As an option, customers can select on the self-service terminals part of the card design or even use a personal photograph.
iiKiosk™ software application for bank cards instant issuance is a variant of CIIA™ Central Server or CIIA™ Fleet, CubeIQ's leading applications for pre-personalized EMV cards. Which CIIA™ version is going to be used depends on the end-user existing infrastructure, the end-user operating environment and the card issuance workflow required. The application validates data entry, communicates with the central Card Repository System and drives a standard HID DTC card printer to personalize the plastic card.

iiKiosk™ Is equipped with DTC™ Series Card Printers from HID Global™.  With more than eight (8) plastic card printer models and more than 40 different configurations we can provide the required setup to satisfy any operational and functional needs.

Magnetic stripe pre-personalized cards.
EMV pre-personalized cards.
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