CIIA Fleet™ - Card Instant Issuance

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CIIA Fleet™

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CIIA™ Fleet Version

Fleet version is installed in a central location, usually in the EDP room. Server accesses remote card printers over the institution’s secure (SSL) WAN. Server does not require to access institution’s Card Management System - CaMS on-line. The process is initiated when a new card is inserted in the printer. Card is read; cardholder data are typed by the user on the application client user interface (web browser) and are sent to the printer for the card to be personalized. Suitable for organizations that would like to have centralized control over printers with minimum software installed at the branch level and without the ability to connect the cad personalization software to their CaMS on-line. CaMS is updated with the personalized cards details on a second step.


Magnetic stripe pre-personalized cards.
EMV pre-personalized cards.
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