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CIIA Client/Server™

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CIIA™ Client/Server Version

CIIA™ Client/Server Version is the total turnkey solution on card instant issue technology at the bank branch or at merchant outlets.

CIIA™ Client/Server Version has been designed in order to be used  in banks and financial institutions that operate a Card Management System in house, and require to use at the branch level a software application to support the full cycle of the card issuance functionality.

CIIA™ Clients are installed in the branches and connected to CIIA™ Server through WAN secure links (SSL). CIIA™ Server is connected to Card Management System which is installed at financial institution's EDP center or hosted in an ISP.

CIIA™ Client/Server Version is a full featured card instant issuance system, covers all aspects of card issuing and personalization and is capable of personalize EMV black card at the bank branch or at merchant outlets.

CIIA™ Client/Server Version integrates an EMV card data preparation module, an EMV card perso module, an EMV key management and FIPS 140-2 level-3 HSMs. CIIA™ Client/Server Version is augmented with a number of add-on programs such as Cards Electronic Inventory, PIN selection and SSL Gateway that expand its functionalities to the maximum possible limit.

CIIA™ Client/Server Version is available with difference Client user interfaces:
  • “Thick” client (MS Windows® executable),
  • “Thick” client (MS Windows® executable) for Citrix
  • “Thick” client (MS Windows® executable) without UI.
  • “Thin” client (web) in two variants, Full and Light.

Suitable for organizations that operate their own CaMS. CIIA™ Client/Server Version provides a flexible infrastructure for processing the cardholder’s application at the branch level, PIN selection, electronic card inventory and a number of other facilities.

Topology - Configuration A
Configuration A:
New card application (enrolment) stations are part of CIIA™ Client/Server.
Topology - Configuration B
Configuration B
 New card application (enrolment) stations are part of issuer's CaMS.

Magnetic sripe pre-personalized cards.
Magnetic stripe blank cards.
EMV pre-personalized cards.
EMV blan cards full personalization with:
Multiple concurrent EMV card drivers support.
Multiple concurrent EMV applications.
Card types auto detection and auto driver selection.

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