Benefits - Card Instant Issuance

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ii Concept
By adding card instant issuance services on top of card central issuance facilities, financial institutions are providing cards to their customers instantly and therefore the card can be used immediately to ATMs or to make purchases increasing card usage and creating customer satisfaction and loyalty. By using instant issuance on new account opening and on lost, stolen or damaged card reissuance financial institutions meet their customers’ need for immediate card availability while of the same time managing card programs efficiently and securely.
Banks, financial institutions and credit card companies would benefit from using card instant issuance application in the following manner:
Instant issue and delivery of the card.
Offering better quality of service.
Faster time-to-market for new card products.
Customer training at the point of issuance.
Increase customer card acceptance.
Increase customer card usage.
Differentiation from other retail banks.
Upgrade the «image» of the bank by demonstrating a higher level of branch automation.
Do business efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.
Take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art technology.
Be ready for new business opportunities before competition.
Rationalize central embossing machine upgrade.
Short Return Of Investment.
Significant cost savings.
Minimization of operating cost by avoiding:
Post expenses for sending the card and/or the PIN.
Central card personalization system operating cost.
Smooth and fast EMV migration

Card instant issuing enjoys very big acceptance within banking organizations in Europe and Asia.
We have installed more than 1.900 sites in Greece, and in several East and South East Europe countries.
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